The following notes and excerpts are from parents whose children have participated in Earthroots classes from 2004 to the present. Please let us know if you would like to speak with a parent from our Forest Kindergarten, Homeschool Field Class, Summer Camp or Toddlers in the Garden classes.

Jodi Levine
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P.S. This link takes you to a yelp review of our Toddlers in the Garden class.

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“It [Forest Kindergarten] exceeded my expectations in every area! The teachers are amazing! I love the location and that the class meets, rain or shine!”

-Katherine L.  June 2015


“[My son] has grown tremendously this semester. New friends, confidence, knowledge of outdoors, enjoys nature more….”

-Carrie F., June 2014


“I love how the different [meeting] locations push me out of my comfort zone. Some places were a challenge for me personally. The rhythm, content, blankets, songs, etc really ground our day. The length [of class] is great; we often stayed later.”

-Sara P. May 2013


“I would wholeheartedly recommend forest ┬ákindergarten to friends and family and have! There is no program like it and the value my kids and I get out of the class time is immeasurable.”

-Maura, Spring 2012


“I believe the program [Homeschool Field Class] is teaching Tommy to be a caring and responsible individual to all living things and to do his part in keeping our environment clean.”

-Suzy S., June 2009


“I really liked the discovering of new places and the fact that Liam had positive outdoor experiences relating to nature and the interaction with other children. I particularly like Jodi’s positive influence on the entire program. It’s been a pleasure to observe and be a part of.”

-Karina P. June 2009


“Just wanted to say thank you for the Afternoon Adventures class. My son really enjoyed the different experiences he had over the session and I’m happy that he had an opportunity to do all the neat things he did.

I also wanted to say that I appreciated the way that you handled behavior issues over
the weeks whenever he was difficult or challenging. Not everyone has the
patience or the skill. Some get overwhelmed by him. But you were able to
keep your calm and maintain control of the situation.
You’re doing a great job and I wish you well.”

-Tracy B., October 2008


“I really like all of the concepts, especially the “invisible classroom,” and the idea of a rich, sensory educational environment. I’m so happy that Earthroots provides that for my girls.”

-Lavender, November 2007


“Thank you for providing my son such a wonderful experience today. He could not stop talking about what a delightful place the garden was as well as all the cool things you guys talked about. While we were there he showed me the worm compost, told me more about the fairies that live at the garden, about the luscious carrots you guys picked…”Mom, they were the best carrots I’ve ever had!!!”. Thank you for sharing your passion with my son, and for touching his soul in such a kind way. Needless to say, he can’t wait to come to the next class.”

-Monica B., January 2005


“Thanks for a great field trip! The girls said it was the best field trip ever and they can’t wait to do it again. Noelle even wants to build a beach in our backyard!”

-Sitarra M., April 2004