Eco-Literacy at the Journey School

Earthroots is honored to be providing on campus ecological education at the Journey School of Capistrano Unified School District as one of their Green Partners.

Earthroots instructors are on campus every Friday at the Journey School to offer Outdoor, Hands-on, Grade Appropriate, Educational Curriculum developed by Earthroots in partnership with Journey Faculty, volunteers & parent liaison Michelle Spieker. This Friday program is only offered for students enrolled at the Journey School.

If your school or group would like information on how to create a long term Eco-Literacy partnership with Earthroots, please inquire with Staci

8th Grade EcoLeadersip
Inspiring stories from around the world move and influence 8th graders as they decide what legacy they would like to leave at the Journey School. Projects have included Rainwater Harvesting (see video linked below), Ecological and Socially Just textile projects and more.
Rainwater Harvesting Project video at Journey School

7th Grade Permaculture Design
Using the principles created by David Holmgren, students apply this systematic design strategy to their school campus to map out how it would look, feel and work if water, wind, sun, earth, waste & all energies coming through campus were integrated and used efficiently. “Care for all things” is imbedded in the students designs. Each year, a new component of these designs will be installed by students and volunteers on campus.

5th Grade Rainwater Harvesting
After touring campus and calculating their classroom rooftop, students learn to measure water flow and create ecologically appropriate ways of utilizing this precious resource on campus. This year, Earthroots is contributing grant funds to purchase supplies for their school-front Rainwater Garden.

4th Grade Native American Culture & Survival Skills
Students learn survival skills through stories, identifying wild edible, medicinal & poisonous plants, making & using tools from locally harvested natural materials, playing awareness games & working together in community.

3rd Grade Farming, Natural Building & Cooking
Using the garden as a learning station, students build skills in nutrition, growing food, creating value added products, cooking & building from natural materials

2nd Grade Science in the Garden
Students sing original garden songs, work in their garden beds & create art to learn the life cycles of seed, bee, worm & butterfly.