Family Fun Beach Day

Linda Lane Beach
San Clemente
Wednesday, August 1

Bring your sand toys, surf boards, snacks, shade and water, and catch up with your Earthroots friends.

Enjoy a casual day of games, crafts and ocean play with Jodi Levine-Wright, Adam Wright, Caroline Colesworthy and possibly some of your other favorite Earthroots Instructors.

All present, past and future Earthroots participants and their families are invited!
Please RSVP

All fun, no fee, come and go as you please. We look forward to spending the day with you at the beach.

Directions: I-5, exit at Avenida Palizada and follow it towards the beach until you reach Encino Lane. Turn right on Encino which turns into Linda Lane.

More Linda Lane Beach Info from our friend Michele Whitaker’s siteĀ