Garden Building at Big Oak


Are you interested in seeing a garden come to life at Big Oak Canyon? Come help us make this dream a reality. Big Oak Canyon already has a good foundation for gardening. There is a large fenced in area with an ample flat area and water. All we need to do is bring in some nice rich soil, add some wood borders to the planting areas and plant. The garden project is part of the homeschool class this fall. They will be exploring, learning about and testing different gardening techniques. This fall’s initial gardening exploration will act as a test for future and expanded gardening possibilities at Big Oak. Estimated test garden size is 20’ x 6′

Please join us for a planning meeting on October 6. Then we will begin implementing the garden on October 13. Volunteers are needed both days!

Planning meeting: October 6, 2018 10am-1pm at Big Oak Canyon
Especially for those with experience in garden design and those who wish to learn garden design

Implementation: October 13, 2018 10am-2pm at Big Oak Canyon
Many hands make light work! Please bring a friend to help with the build out of the garden.

Desired Donations:
2×10 or similar redwood boards for sides of planter beds.
Organic soil and compost.
Organic and heirloom seeds.
PVC for deep root watering (approximately 2”diameter).
Hardware cloth to prevent squirrels from eating the harvest
2″ screws

Thank you Dawn Robinette for initiating this garden project!
To sign up, please email