Natural Building Workshop

Sculptural Phase

Spring 2019 Dates TBA

Join seasoned, organic builder Teo Briseño to experience the beauty and function of working with stone, clay, sand and straw. Learn the applications, materials and process for working with these abundant resources, then work together to attach new cob and adobe to the existing cob and adobe structure started in the June Natural Building Workshop. Themes of the natural area will be composed and made real as the bench continues to take its form.   This two-day course will be held at Earthroots 39-acre property, Big Oak Canyon, located in Silverado Canyon.

Day 1: Materials harvesting, preparations and process for making adobe bricks and cob: Lecture and Workshop

Day 2: Continue building an earthen bench with cob, adobe and stone: Lecture and Workshop

All ages welcome. There will be a concurrent children’s program led by Jodi Levine-Wright. Children ages 5 and up will discover how clay, sand, straw and stone can be mixed to build a miniature cob house that they will take home. Children will also explore the landscape to see where sand, stone, clay and straw grow naturally on site and learn how to harvest responsibly.

2-day Workshop Fees: $150/adult, $80/child (ages 5 and up)
DIY camping onsite is available for an additional $10 per person Saturday night.
Limited work trade positions available.

Stone Mosaic by Teo Briseño

Teo Briseño is an eclectic artist, builder, gardener, stoneworker and instructor usingnatural materials. Teo has a background in permaculture design and his mentors include James Hubbell, SunRay Kelly and Bill Mollison.

Jodi Levine-Wright, founder of Earthroots Field School has been mentoring children outdoors for almost 20 years. Jodi’s presence allows others to feel at ease while getting acquainted with the animals, plants and processes of the natural world.

–Online click HERE for enrollment form, one per family. Please mail one Medical and Release Form per person (see link in right column).
–By mail, send one Enrollment Form per family (see link in right column) and one Medical & Release Form per person (see link in right column). Submit payment (via Paypal) to