Primitive Skills Field Days

Join Alan Kaufmann, student of Tom Brown’s Tracker School, for days full of nature immersion, skills and connection. “The more you know,the less you need.” The series will culminate in a knife-only overnight for those who have attended regularly.

Primitive skills are also known variously as Ancestral skills, Wilderness skills or Survival skills. “Primitive” means “original” or “first”. The skills we will be learning about in this class go back to the dawn of humanity, and, in many cases, helped to shape our species into what we are. Just as beavers build dams and geese fly south for the winter, humans instinctively know how to build shelters, make fire and find food and water. Practicing these skills not only builds confidence in the outdoors, it also teaches you about yourself, and connects you with part of what it means to be human that you may not even know existed. It is also a lot of fun!

2014/2015 Dates:
Oct 4: Cutting Edge: Knife safety, sharpening, and basic carving, basic stone tools
Nov 1: Cordage and Weaving: yucca twine and cattail containers
Dec 7 (SUN):
Animal Skin: Working with rawhide and leather (neck pouch or knife sheath)
Jan 3:
Primitive Fire: Inuit strap drill
Feb 7: Primitive Cooking: Gut, skin, and cook fish, drying meats and fruits
Mar 7-8: (overnight) Primitive Wander: Knife-only overnight **2 Day Class**
**Participants MUST attend at least 3 previous classes to participate in overnight trip)**

Youth and Adult: ages 12 and up.  Youths under age 12 may participate with enrolled adult companion, and instructors’ approval.
Saturdays 9 am – 3 pm
This class is now 6 hours due to popular demand
Locations: Newport Bay, O’Neill Regional Park and San Mateo Wilderness

Participant fees for the whole series $490/person and $450/additional family member
– Participants enrolling by Sept. 26 will receive a free Mora Knife ($17 value)

Drop-in rate: for day classes: $75 per participant.  Participant must pre-register no less than 3 days prior to class.