2017 Year End Appeal

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
 John Muir, Naturalist

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Dear Friend of Earthroots,

Have you been outside today? Have you marveled at how the wind whistles through the trees or how sweet a bird’s melody fills the air? Walking barefoot and taking a moment to notice these simple miracles fill me with a sense of peace like no other. This strong connection to nature on a daily basis inspires me to search for ways that this meaningful experience can be shared with those around me. Earthroots’ work is to bring into being a love and respect for the natural world among all people. We are inspired to make a difference in our community through environmental education, exploration and dedication to making a positive impact, now and for many years to come.

I am in awe of the commitment and support that you, the Earthroots community, have given us. This support allows us to focus our efforts on giving the next generation meaningful experiences in nature, in hopes that they will become tomorrow’s environmental stewards. Your continued support will foster new outdoor programs to provide access for people who may not currently be connected with that sense of peace that only comes when we spend time in nature.

Please make a gift to Earthroots today to help others cultivate a sense of care and connection with the natural world. It is our intention to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society. To do this, we share first-hand learning experiences with children and their families, ultimately expanding nature awareness among a broader community.  

When I first contemplated establishing Earthroots in 2005, I was awestruck by the possibilities that awaited this organization, and how needed this concept was here in Orange County. In 12 years, we have touched the lives of thousands of people and awakened a sense of awareness and love for the natural gifts our planet has bestowed upon us. The transformation in adults and children alike is something that is truly amazing to witness. Watching people develop long term appreciation and respect for our environment is a beautiful experience.

Your gift at this time will help us to continue our mission. Here are a few highlights of what your past support has enabled Earthroots to accomplish so far this year. Imagine what we can do together by this time next year!

  • For the first time, we have been able to utilize Big Oak Canyon for weekly classes and seasonal events! With your support, sustainable living practices will continue to be actualized at Big Oak Canyon. Our goal is that all who come will experience an example of living in balance with nature.

  • Local high school teens have been mentored in permaculture, sustainable design and conservation. In return they have assisted in the design and development of an outdoor kitchen at Big Oak Canyon. Your donations allow this program to continue at no charge to the teens, giving life-changing inspiration to tomorrow’s leaders.

  • We are near completion on a water system bringing fresh water from the natural spring to our kitchen terrace. With your help there will be fresh, natural spring water available to guests at Big Oak Canyon!

  • Our Forest Kindergarten and Homeschool classes continue to grow and thrive.  We have added new locations and curriculum for our Homeschoolers, inspired by recent instructor training opportunities. Our Forest Kindergartners are spending this fall exploring Big Oak Canyon during their weekly classes. The smiles on their faces are big (and dusted with dirt!) at the end of a day spent outside with Earthroots.

Your gift today is needed more than ever.  With recent cuts to federal environmental programs the need to support local grassroots organizations is essential to preserving our one-and-only planet for future generations.

I realize there are many worthy causes, and I thank you for considering a donation to Earthroots Field School. Your financial support is essential for us to continue. By awakening an environmental awareness and connection with nature, Earthroots has come to mean so much for so many.

Our mission is not complete. We look forward to continuing our progress by inspiring life-long dedication to environmental stewardship and community through deep nature connection mentoring. Thank you for pausing to read this letter and for thinking about your own nature connections and your desire for others to benefit from the same opportunities.

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With gratitude,

Jodi Levine-Wright
Founding Director
Earthroots Field School