Wish List

Are any of the following items gathering dust in your garage? Do you know someone who may be interested in making an in-kind donation to Earthroots? The tools listed here will help our efforts in tending Big Oak Canyon. The materials and gear for our Field Programs will help expand our educational reach.

Earthroots Wish List for Big Oak Canyon:
– Off-grid Power System: Solar & Battery with Plug & Play Component Kit
– Hand Pruners (10)
Loppers (10)
– Hedge Shears (5)
– Safety Goggles (4)
Roughneck Storage Boxes  (5 Boxes, various sizes: 10 & 14 gallon)
– 300′ long measuring tape
– Laser Level with tripod and reader (outdoor survey quality)
– 25′ or longer aluminum survey rod
– Gas powered backpack style leaf blower

Earthroots Wish List for Education Programs:
– Metal measuring spoons set
– Long metal spatula (for flipping acorn pancakes!)
– Organic Potting Soil in bags (ongoing)
– Organic Dr Bronner’s soap (large bottle for refilling)
– 2 dish towels (for hand drying)
– Roughneck Storage Box with lid, 10-14 gallon size
– 12 beeswax block crayons, of the same color
– 2 cloth bags (to hold crayons, mystery bag)
– 12 blindfolds
– Backpacking backpacks in kids sizes

– Sleeping bags in kids and adult sizes
– Waterproof jackets/pants in kids sizes
– Tents
– Sleeping Pads

All donated gear must be in good quality.
Thank you to our partners OneOC for their recent donations and many volunteer hands at Big Oak Canyon.