Instructor, Seasonal, and Volunteer Positions

Teaching children in nature is returning them to the correct place of wonder, excitement, movement, and joy. In this place you do not need to work hard to teach, the teachers are the trees, ants, bees, plants, shadows, and light of the sun. I am merely their guide to the light that then fills their souls with excitement and learning. My job is a gift! I am the lucky one.” 
-Mrs. Kat, Earthroots Instructor

Earthroots Field School (Earthroots) mission is to cultivate a sense of care and connection between people and the natural world. We do this through all outdoor classes and workshops on ecological gardening, nature awareness, primitive skills and sustainable living skills for ages 1 and up.

The positions available work primarily in the outdoors with a group of children and one additional staff member. We welcome candidates who are passionate about connecting with nature and have an enthusiasm for learning and growing.

Positions Available

Lead Instructor, Spanish Immersion in Nature: Monday and Wednesday 9:00-2:30
Volunteer, Forest Kindergarten: Monday 8:30-2:30
Volunteer, Homeschool Class: Wednesday 8:30-2:30
Volunteer, Eco-Literacy: Thursday & Friday 8:30-3:30
Summer Camp Positions (seasonal), June-July

Start Date

Shadowing and staff training are ongoing until filled.
Seasonal positions teach during the months of June and July.
Instructors and volunteers will start teaching classes in August.


Spanish Immersion in Nature: Work with the assistant instructor in guiding small groups of children ages 6-10 in weekly, exploration-based nature enrichment classes involving singing, crafts, storytelling, nature observation, gardening, and cooking, all in Spanish. Communicate with parents, children, and staff. Must have experience working with young children. Must be a native Spanish speaker or have equivalent fluency. For the complete job description, click here.

Forest Kindergarten: Work with the lead instructor in guiding small groups of children ages 3-6 in weekly, exploration-based nature classes involving singing, crafts, storytelling, nature observation, gardening, and cooking. Communicate with parents, children, and staff. Must have experience working with young children.

Homeschool Program: Assist the lead instructor in guiding small groups of children ages 6-12 in weekly, exploration-based nature connection classes involving hiking, gardening, wilderness awareness games, journaling, and survival skills.

Eco-Literacy Program: Assist the lead instructor in guiding on-campus programs related to permaculture, ecological gardening, composting, recycling, survival skills & nature connection. Working with grades 2-8, teachers and faculty.

Each of these positions will also:
– support student and parent volunteers in developing their abilities to work with youth in nature
– represent Earthroots to build relationships with community liaisons, families and staff
– work together with administrators with clear communication and a strong work ethic


– CPR/First Aid Certification
– Fingerprinting upon request
– Valid Drivers License
– 20 hours participating in Earthroots Field School classes as a volunteer or intern
– Working cell phone
– Personal computer with internet access
– Reliable Personal vehicle
– Staff Training with Earthroots Field School

Preference will be given to applicants who have:

– Experience working with youth outdoors
– Early Childhood Education or Waldorf background
– Experience with another organization that uses 8 Shields or similar curriculum
– Knowledge of Southern California wilderness areas, regional parks, community and school gardens, organic farms, local community organizations, local educational programs and organizations
– Experience and training in the fields of Permaculture, Coyote Mentoring, Wilderness Awareness, Survival Skills, School Gardening, Ecological Gardening, Garden to Table Cooking or equivalent.
– Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder or equivalent

Weekly Hours

The Fall-Spring positions:
– Assistant Instructor: Forest Kindergarten, 6-12 hours per week
– Volunteer: Homeschool Class, 6 hours per week
– Volunteer: Eco-Literacy, 6-12 hours per week
Applicant must be available from September 2019 through JuneĀ 2020. These positions may be fulfilled by the same candidate. Additional hours may become available throughout the year. Our goal is to find a good fit so that staff will continue through the school year, summers and beyond.


Based on experience, $12-$25 per hour

To Apply

Submit application (see link above) and letter of interest and certifications to [email protected], or call (949) 709-5777

Instructor positions may become available at any time of the year based on enrollment. Please let us know if you have the background and experience to benefit the Earthroots community. [email protected]