Be more self-sufficient & learn how to humanely transform an animal into food, tools and survival needs

Coming Spring 2020
Silverado Canyon
Instructor Shane Brown

  • clothing
  • fresh & dried meat
  • bone broth
  • string
  • glue
  • tools
  • musical instruments

Do you know where your meat comes from?
Do you avoid buying or eating meat because of ethical issues with modern large-scale agricultural practices?
Are you interested in learning about animal anatomy, preparation and nutrition of different parts of an animal, and connecting with the source of where your food comes from?
Do you follow a plant-based lifestyle but want to learn to process animals for potential survival situations?

Learn how to process and preserve an animal for later use. We will be humanely butchering a locally farm-raised goat and honoring his/her life by using each part of the body to make nutritious food, as well as materials for clothing, musical instruments, and more. This class will draw from age-old human traditions and knowledge, developed from times when the only way of living was to use everything you had in a wise and waste-free way. This can help us return to a more responsible way of living on the Earth.

This is a very hands-on class.
Over the course of two days we will go over as many of the following activities as possible based on participant interest and energy:

  • how to ethically slaughter, how to butcher and prepare fresh meat and organs for immediate consumption
  • methods for preserving meat
  • making bone broth
  • preparing the skin to make a soft leather
  • extracting tendons to use as string or thread
  • shaping bones into tools
  • making glue with the skin
  • extracting hooves to make rattles
  • making instrument strings out of the intestines

In intimately experiencing the sacred act of taking of life and using it to give life to ourselves and our community, we humans participate in and celebrate the gift that is the cycle of life.

Participants will bring:

  • you own snacks, vegetables, grains and fruits (as desired) to compliment the meals
  • cooler & containers to take home a portion of the meat & other processed pieces (as desired)
  • work clothing for cooler mornings/evenings and warm days
  • your own camping gear

Earthroots will provide all class materials & instruction

$175 per person for the two-day course, meat to take home & includes camping (optional)
Children ages 8-15 must be registered and have a registered adult participating alongside them to attend.

Please email one Medical and Release Form per person to [email protected].

Ancestral Arts Series

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To register via Mail: send one Enrollment Form per family (see link in right column) and one Medical & Release Form per person (see link in right column). Send check or money order to – P.O. Box 504, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678.

This class is part of the Ancestral Arts Series, check out what is happening next month!