Big Oak Canyon is a 39-acre property located on ancestral Acjachemen and Tongva territory in Silverado Canyon, California. “Ownership” has changed hands many times since the 1800s, but the true residents of the land have carried on for countless generations. Earthroots gives a deep bow of gratitude to the previous owners who have left a legacy of 200+ year old oak trees, diverse native flora, flowing creeks and ample intact ecosystems. There is no better gift to leave future generations than that which sustains life. As the current owner, Earthroots holds the highest vision to preserve that which is whole and regenerate the areas of this land that need healing.

Thank you for being part of the Earthroots community and doing your part to care for the earth.


Be a steward of the land! Volunteers are invited to assist with restoration and wildlife conservation efforts. All levels of experience welcome.

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Big Oak Canyon is located on ancestral lands of the Juañeno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation and neighboring Tongva/Gabrieleño and Luiseño tribes in the area known as Silverado Canyon. Payómkawichum/Luiseño tribes in the area known as Orange County.