Did you know that animals use a pattern of vocalizations and body movements to communicate between species? Earthroots instructors Raz Allen and Shane Brown will help you develop the skill of listening to bird language, tune into your natural surroundings by listening to the birds, and understand the connections between all things in nature. 

Learn how you can tune into your natural surroundings by listening to the birds, nature’s constantly updating newsfeed. The skill of listening to bird language is a gateway to understanding the connections between all things in nature, and to seeing the waves of influence we each have in the world. 

You will be introduced to bird vocalizations and behavior using the methods from the Bird Language Leaders movement designed by Jon Young. Deepen your relationship with birds through listening, observing, stories, and games. Big Oak Canyon, where the class will be held, is a wonderful wooded sanctuary and a great place to listen to the birds.

You will learn about the different vocalizations that birds make – alarms, songs, juvenile begging, contact calls, and territorial calls – and how to train your ears to hear them. These new found tools will allow you to continue to learn more – in another visit to Big Oak Canyon or in your own backyard!

This class is great for birders wanting to learn the language of birds and go deeper than bird identification, or for anyone seeking a deeper awareness of nature and themselves.

Next date TBD

$20 per person, 20 people max
This class will be held at Big Oak Canyon (Silverado Canyon, Orange County), directions will be emailed upon registration.
State Covid-19 protocols will be followed for all in-person events. 


 Earthroots is committed to creating nature connection opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) participants. We are offering two full BIPOC Scholarships for this program.

It is Earthroots Field School’s policy and pleasure to make scholarship space available in its programs for those in need.

The deadline to apply for all scholarships is 30 days prior to date of class. 
If you have questions, please email us at: 
[email protected]