Forest Kindergarten Overview

Delight, discovery, and adventure fill the outdoor days of the Earthroots Forest Kindergarten. We invite children ages 3-6 to play and learn in the unspoiled beauty of Big Oak Canyon with experienced instructors. We are excited to host this class on our property in Silverado Canyon! This property, called Big Oak Canyon, is filled with hiking trails and natural beauty. Spring water flows year-round and the property accesses a creek!  Mature fruit trees are growing in an established orchard.  This site is the perfect place for children to connect with nature.

Experience rustling leaves, squishy mud, sour lemongrass, fragrant sage and soaring osprey. We know intuitively and logically that the outdoors is the best place for our children. Every sense is stimulated by nature for optimal intelligence, growth and development. Outdoor activity also calms and balances excess energy. Your children will sleep deeply and peacefully after a day exploring in nature. Children who spend more time outdoors are stronger and healthier as well.

Session Information

We offer two sessions of Forest Kindergarten: Fall and Spring. Each session is 16 weeks long, similar to the semesters of the academic year.

We introduce new stories and games every week, but as children love rhythm and repetition, we repeat certain songs and games throughout the term. We choose unique songs throughout the year to blend fun animal lessons, seasonal changes, earth connection, and a variety of languages.

Classes fill on a first come first served basis.

Forest Kindergarten students riding together on a stick

This program offers many correlations to California’s kindergarten state standards, and Earthroots is a state-approved vendor for many local charter schools. Safety and nature connection are Earthroots top priorities.

We introduce letters and numbers through oral storytelling and practiced with full body and sensory activities.

The general structure includes circle time, story, main lesson, wilderness exploration, and games.

Earthroots requires parents to attend Forest Kindergarten with their child. We offer the following guidelines for parent participants:

  • Please model exemplary attentive behavior during circle and game times.
  • We recommend parents to bring a handwork project and to practice being benign parental presences during wilderness exploration times.
  • Parents may drop off independent older children (older than 4 years 9 months) pending instructor approval. We limit each class to a small group of adventurous students for a more intimate connection with the local surroundings, other students & instructors.

We recommend parents read Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young to better understand Earthroots mentoring philosophies.

Earthroots Executive Director Jodi showing students local plants

Class Details

WHO: Children ages 3-6 with parent/caregiver. We strive to maintain a ratio of no more than 6 students to 1 Earthroots Mentor.

WHERE: Big Oak Canyon, in Silverado Canyon

WHEN: Tuesdays 9 am – 2 pm

Classes begin on September 13th.

HOW: Click the Register Now button on this page. We require a deposit of $250 or full payment to hold your spot.

Please see our Covid-19 Policy for current protocols.

Sibling Policy

Siblings who are within the age range of class (3-6 years old) must be registered as a regular participant. Siblings outside the age range of class (age 2 or older than 6) are welcome to attend with their parents. There is a $20 fee per day for siblings age 2 or older than 6. There is no additional charge for children younger than 2. Payment for siblings outside the age range of class must be received at least one week prior to the date of class.

Registration Information

Enrollment for Spring Semester begins November 1 for currently enrolled students and November 15 for new students.
Enrollment for Fall Semester begins April 15 for currently enrolled students and May 1 for new students.

Registration information and payment must be received by us at least one week prior to class. Your registration is complete only when we have received payment in our office. Registration is due at least one week in advance of the class. We may accept late registration if space is available, with an additional fee of $25 up to 2 business days before class.

Fall 2022 Pricing

Private Payment Rate

Fall 2022 (16 classes): Starting Tuesday, September 13th

One semester: $1296 for first child/$1248 per additional sibling

Full year: $2400 for first child/$2320 per additional sibling

Please contact us at [email protected] about monthly installment rates.

Note: Pending space available, students can join mid-year at a pro-rated cost.

Charter School Rates
Fall 2022 semester (16 classes): Starting Tuesday, September 13th
$1360 for first child/$1312 per additional sibling
Charter school funds are paid monthly via Purchase Orders

Approved Charter Schools

Drop-In Rate
$85 per child per class
Drop-in classes are available for age-appropriate siblings of children currently enrolled in the class. To schedule a drop-in date please contact us at [email protected]

Scholarships Available

Earthroots is committed to creating nature connection opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) participants.

It is Earthroots Field School’s policy and pleasure to make scholarship space available in its programs for those in need.

For more information, email us at [email protected]