tidepooling Heisler ParkTidepooling

  • Ocean Ecology and Marine Biology
  • Tidepool exploration
  • Marine life adaptations scavenger hunt
  • Underwater pictionary
  • Migration hopscotch
  • Earth art – Andy Goldsworthy style
  • Water quality survey
  • Dolphin, Whale and Sea Lion viewing on a good day

Wilderness Awareness

  • Sensory awareness games on the trail
  • Edible and Native uses of local plants
  • Building small, simple structures with wild harvested materials
  • Map and compass, Four directions
  • Plant and Animal Identification
  • Journaling & Eco-poetry
  • Bird Communication
  • Tracking
  • Being safe on the trail

    Ecological Gardening

Edyn at SCF

  • Ecological and organic gardening
  • Starting from seed
  • Building a chicken tractor
  • Soil Food Chain
  • Companion Planting
  • Composting
  • Life cycle of a plant
  • Transplanting
  • Starting a garden
  • Natural pest management

Natural Crafts

  • Making gourd instruments from African traditions
  • Weaving Native American dream catchers
  • Making rope from natural fibers, using sea grass, tule, yucca
  • Learning from local elders
  • Beeswax candles
  • Making paper from recycled pulp and plant fibers
  • Journal binding
  • Peace Poles

Whole Food Cooking


  • Go shopping at a farmers market
  • Harvest from our garden
  • Harvest wild ingredients for our vegetarian meals
  • Sun Oven Potatoes
  • Whole Grain and Sprouted Wheat Breads
  • Hand-Made Tortillas
  • Raw cookies and treats
  • Making a connection to what plants our food comes from

Natural Building cobbing the hobbit house

  • creative design with local materials
  • clay, sand, straw= Cob
  • reusing/reclaiming wood
  • greywater systems= reusing water for fruit trees
  • rooftop gardens
  • www.pinemanor.com