The Earth Bench at Big Oak Canyon is nearly done and the sculptural part is next!

Cob is a natural building material that is easy to work with and fun for all ages! Participants will be putting their hands and feet in wet clay, sand and straw and shaping it into a viewing bench at Big Oak Canyon.

Join seasoned, organic builder Teo Briseño to experience the beauty and function of working with clay, sand, and straw. You are invited to build and sculpt with cob and learn the applications, materials, and processes for working with these abundant resources. We will apply nature’s inspirations of Big Oak into a “Storytelling Bench.” 

Come, let’s put our hands and feet in the mud and make trees, mountains, and rivers together while we shape the final backrest!

Cob is an ecologically sound building material for our region. It is a mixture of clay, sand and straw, blended with water to make an adobe-like consistency. This cob mixture can be built into houses, shaped into benches, sculptures and more. It has a thermal mass, so homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is fire resistant and beautiful. Cob homes around the world have lasted several hundred years, and when they do come down, are non-toxic and can be re-wet and shaped into something new. Join us to learn more!
We hope to one day have a cob building at Big Oak Canyon.

Saturday, October 26, 2019
9am – 4pm

Big Oak Canyon – Silverado, CA
(directions emailed upon RSVP)
All ages welcome

Please fill out one Waiver Form per participant
and bring it with you on the day of the event
$25-50/person suggested donation – sliding scale
Please pay donation through the link below AND RSVP for the workshop.

Limited work trade positions are available for those with natural building experience.

Teo Briseño is an eclectic artist, builder, gardener, stoneworker, and instructor using natural materials. Teo has a background in permaculture design and his mentors include James Hubbell, SunRay Kelly, and Bill Mollison.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]