Participants will learn contemporary dance techniques with structured movements inspired by movements within the living ecosystems of Big Oak Canyon. This class will help remind us that the body is a part of nature, not just in nature. Through journaling, nature walks, and creative expression, Tara will guide participants toward pure intuitive and energy exchange with their surroundings. Percussion, wind, or string music will also help inspire rhythms. This class will focus on exploring the space in and out of the body, and the nature of all its connected movement.

Camp Details

Who: Ages 12 and up (Adults are welcome)
When: June 15, 2024, 10:00-1:00 pm
Where: Big Oak Canyon Silverado Canyon)

Price: $47 per person

What to bring

  • Water in a refillable water bottle
  • A small energizing snack
  • A yoga mat or blanket
  • Comfortable clothing to stretch and move freely in

Scholarships Available

Earthroots is committed to creating nature connection opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) participants and families in need. 

Meet the Instructors

Tara Drapiza (Guest Instructor)

Starting dance at a young age, Tara quickly learned that movement does good for the soul. Growing up with a family that traveled often, she was also taught early that being outdoors does good for the soul.

Tara started her movement practice at a respected ballet school in Riverside, CA. For more than 20 years, she constantly developed her craft by learning, teaching, and performing various styles of dance locally, nationally, and internationally. From creative movement classes to dance camps to after-school enrichment programs, Tara developed a love for teaching children what their bodies and minds are capable of expressing. To cultivate her knowledge of the body, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in athletic training. To foster her interest in the mind-body relationship, she carried on her studies to get a degree in dance and a Pilates and dance conditioning instructor certificate. To further herself as a healer, she is currently engaging in a sound therapy certification program.


Angela Capps

Angela Capps loves nurturing and encouraging children’s natural imaginations. As an Earthroots teacher and theatre instructor, Angela appreciates that nature connection is essential for the soul.

After studying theatre and improv at South Coast Repertory and Improv Olympic, she received her early childhood education teaching certificate and began teaching preschool music and children’s theatre. 

 A homeschooling mom of two from Mission Viejo, she developed her fascination with nature as a young child camping with her family in remote locations.  At Earthroots, Angela enjoys combining her love for the creative arts with the beauty of the outdoors. She believes that when spending more time in nature, children (and adults)  have the opportunity to slow down, find more joy and realize that nature is for everyone!