A Message from our Founder

Thank you for being a part of the Earthroots community. In this letter, four families share their stories of how their lives changed when they stepped into the Earthroots community. These stories highlight how Earthroots transformed their entire families, as well as the broader communities they reach. The students coming to Earthroots are benefiting academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Additionally, you will hear from the parents’ viewpoint on how this program radiates from each child, sibling, parent, and grandparent. It blossoms in unimaginable directions that make each household, and this world, a better place. Earthroots is reaching diverse communities who need to connect with nature. After reading their stories, I hope you will imagine the possibilities that could be available for so many local families. Your donation will help make these dreams a reality.

Funds from our donors are used for scholarships, teacher trainings, maintaining and restoring Big Oak Canyon, Earthroots’ 39-acre property, as well as everyday business expenses to “keep the lights on”. Earthroots depends on your generosity to make this all come to life and to show the world what is possible for months and years to come. Please contribute what you can.

Thank you,
Jodi Levine-Wright


Earthroots is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

The Brown Family

“One of the best things I got out of Earthroots was to have an experience where my youngest child and I got to bond. I could focus on him, he could focus on me and we were carefree. At first, letting everything else go was a challenge, but that’s what being outdoors does for me – it helps me slow down and be less stressed. I tend to take on a lot of things and Earthroots was nice because for the time I was in class, I learned to relax and let all of the other responsibilities go. I slowed down, took a deep breath and enjoyed the things in life that we lose sight of when we are really busy.”
– Tasha Brown

The Petrella Family

Earthroots had a huge impact on our children’s early years. We lived in a condo with a tiny balcony as our backyard, the kids usually played in the parking lot. My parents lived in a typical neighborhood with a concrete backyard. We shared stories with my parents about Earthroots and they wanted to learn right alongside us. My parents bought a couple of garden boxes from Earthroots and that’s what started the transformation. We grew a lot of food in those boxes! We transformed their backyard into a garden and would grow our own food. We wanted to take what we learned with Earthroots and build on it, so we moved to Idaho and started Daring Faith Farms. Now my parents live with us on our 10-acre farm surrounded by nature. We raise food for ourselves and our community. Earthroots showed us how to work with nature and encouraged a mindset of continued learning.
– Sara Petrella, Work Trade Participant


The Santa Cruz Family

The first time an Earthroots instructor showed me a woodrats’ nest, I wondered if the outdoors were for me. This was all new. I had a 3-year-old and 1 year old and here we were in nature and I worried they might fall and get hurt, put a stick in their mouth, or eat dirt. I was an anxious parent. Earthroots helped me let go of that anxiety. Seeing how enthusiastic the other parents were, I realized these were my fears, and I didn’t want to impose them on my children. I chose to help them explore nature and learn from it with a relaxed attitude. 
– Gennica Santa Cruz, Scholarship Recipient

The Kliewer Family

Growing up in Orange County, I didn’t see the full picture of where things come from and what happens when we are done with them. Now I wonder about the process of all the pieces in my life. Before Earthroots, it was not on my radar and not of importance to me. Now I consider how things were created. How were the people and plants cared for in the process? How much waste was created in that process? Earthroots inspired my family to make changes for us and our community. We now live simply in 200 square feet of indoor space with much more room outside. At my church, I’m encouraging people to bring their own dishes instead of using disposables. Children are volunteering to wash dishes for other people. If Earthroots hadn’t modeled environmental awareness for my family, we wouldn’t have known what we could do differently.”
– Lindsey Kliewer, Work Trade Participant


Earthroots is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.
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Why do YOU contribute to Earthroots?

“We give to Earthroots because we believe in community supported education and sustainability. We take care of the kids so that they grow up well. Giving monthly makes it easy. We would love to contribute more all at once but giving monthly amounts to a lot over time. It feels good.”

-Maureen Masters and Ron Plomell

My five children will never know the true impact Earthroots has had on our family and life as a whole. Earthroots changed me as a person. I’m more resilient and adventurous. They are hardy and resilient. They know how to identify plants and animal tracks. I donate to Earthroots because I want the same for other families. The experiences are one of a kind.”

-Claudia Boden

“The first time I heard the word, “Earthroots,” I was intrigued. I read about the activities in Orange County and I knew it was something I could wholeheartedly support. There are many worthwhile organizations that promote conservation, but the direct ways Earthroots teaches even very young children to reach deeper, more meaningful levels of respect and kinship with nature, rekindling so much that has been lost in our modern culture. I have enthusiastically put Earthroots Field School into my trust.”

-Suellen Zima