Experience the Earthroots Land Connection and Blessing with Adelia Sandoval, Spiritual Overseer for the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians/Acjachemen Nation.

Connect with Mother Earth

Date: January 23, 2022

Time: TBD

Adelia Sandoval

Feeling Mother Earth underneath, feeling her heart beating, feeling that the Earth is alive, affects how people move on the Earth. ~Adelia Sandoval

How have you been moving on the Earth lately? 

Earthroots wants you to have a relationship with the land.

big oak canyon creek

When there is a separation, a struggle in life, we need to get back into connection with the Earth. ~ Adelia Sandoval

Earthroots Field School wants to honor our connection to the Earth, and help everyone cultivate their sense of connection to the natural world. This January 23, with the help of Adelia Sandoval, we will all have the chance to reconnect in a meaningful way.

Adelia has created a practice of getting to know the land and communicating with it. These practices give us the ability to deal with the other parts of our life. These are practices that we do for ourselves now, and for the young people and future generations. 

big oak canyon

The trees are wisdom holders. They are hungry for connection with us. 

The Earth is living. When we feel it, we feel alive and more whole.

Join us. 

Experience being held by Mother Earth. 

Begin to move differently on the Earth.

Drawing on her personal connection to the Earth as well as her knowledge of the traditions of the Acjachemen Nation, Adelia will lead anyone witnessing the event through the process of connecting with the land. 

Experience the Big Oak Land Connection and Blessing, then respect your land by creating your own land connection. Together we can connect with the land from coast to coast…and maybe beyond! Let’s make this happen together.

Adelia Sandoval, land connection and blessing

How to Participate in the Land Connection and Blessing

  • Sign up to be notified where to watch the Earthroots Land Connection and Blessing, available via live video on January 23, 2022. 
  • Share the link to this page with friends and family. 
  • We hope you will be moved to directly connect with the land around you. Once you have done so, please share the info with us here.

Let’s give everyone the opportunity to move differently on the Earth in 2022.

If you’d like to support Earthroots Field School in this and other activities, we will do our best to make the return on your investment meaningful and substantial for the Earth and people everywhere.