king tide tidepool

Recommended for Grades 1-6

Explore tidepools and observe the unique biodiversity they support! Meet your Earthroots instructors on a local beach during low tide to learn about tidepool habitats, tidal zones, animal identification and adaptations, and human impact and conservation. Come hear a story, play games, and nature journal your observations. End the day with sand in your shoes, salt on your skin, and a deeper connection to nature on the beach.

Choose one of the following hands-on activities:

  • Shorebirds: Observe and compare shorebirds and their adaptations with games and activities
  • Moon and Tides: Explore how the gravitational pull from the moon and the sun causes the tides and how the rising and falling of ocean waters can affect tidepool animals. 
  • Colors on the Beach: Observe nature’s rainbow on the shore and create your own artwork using natural painting materials such as algae and clay. 
  • Sensational Seaweed: Learn about these amazing plants of the sea and the important role they play in marine ecosystems.
  • Ocean Conservation: Participate in a beach clean up and learn how you can help preserve and restore coastal ecosystems.
children explore tidepools
exploring tidepools

Field Trip Details

Length of Trip: 3-5 hours (3 hour minimum)

Location: Beaches in Orange County

Note: Most field trips will meet at Big Oak Canyon, our 39-acre property in Silverado Canyon. We are also available to meet at Orange County based wilderness parks, regional parks, or beaches. If you are interested in Earthroots instructors coming to your school or group gathering, we encourage you to check out our Earthroots Comes to You experiences. Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you at Big Oak Canyon where you’ll step into a land of mature oak woodlands, a seasonal flowing creek, sagebrush hillsides, an orchard, and gardens. Our property connects to the Cleveland National Forest, with trails extending into steep hillsides with sweeping canyon views.

Field Trip Fees

(7 person, 3-hour minimum | 60 student maximum)

$15 per student per hour, for groups of 7-15 

$12 per student per hour, for groups of 16-30

$10 per student per hour, for groups of 31-60

Don’t see your group size listed here?

Indicate how many students you would like to bring for a field trip on the field trip request form. We will do our best to accommodate your group size.

There is no fee for chaperones (teachers and parents) within the recommended ratio*, as long as attending chaperones are fully engaged participants. 

*Recommended chaperone to student ratio is no more than 1:10. Additional chaperones will pay a $20 flat-rate fee per additional chaperone above the recommended ratio. 

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