How do you spell relaxation? At Earthroots we spell it Y-O-G-A! Leave your cares behind as certified yoga instructor, Britta, leads adults and teens of all yoga levels (including beginners!) in simple yoga positions in the beauty of Big Oak Canyon.

Breathe, stretch, and bond while enjoying this fun form of fitness. Whether you’re a yoga expert or a beginner, you will love connecting to your body and the nurturing power of breath and movement. 

After the group opening circle, younger children, led by Earthroots Instructor Angela, will participate in children’s yoga, meditation, storytelling and a mindfulness craft before joining the group for the closing circle. 

Everyone will walk away from this experience more flexible, renewed, and stress free!

Learning Objective

Participants will engage in a yoga class led by either Britta, certified yoga instructor (Adults) or participate in children’s yoga and a craft with Earthroots instructor, Angela (kids).

When: Sunday, July 10th, 8-10 AM 

Where: Big Oak Canyon

Who: All ages welcome

Pricing: $32/person

Earthroots will provide

  • Tea
  • Teacups
  • A beautiful place for a yoga class

Participants will provide

  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Water in a reusable container


Registration deadline: One week prior to class date
All workshops require minimum participant enrollment to run. Camps that do not meet the minimum enrollment will be canceled.