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Students in Earthroots classes are selling granola this spring as a fundraiser for Earthroots and Big Oak Canyon. Funds will be used to purchase new shade and rain shelters that will be used for the classes next year, and to make sure our programs have the funds we need to continue inspiring students to connect with and care for the earth.

The fundraiser will begin Monday March 27th, 2023 and end Sunday April 30th, 2023. 

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Click HERE to download the Granola Fundraiser Family Guide pdf

Granola Fundraiser Family Guide

Why Granola? 

Thanks to a generous donation from an Earthroots community member, Earthroots has received hundreds of bags of organic, delicious granola to sell as a fundraiser. Students in our weekly classes will have an opportunity to sell this tasty treat as a way to earn funds to support their program, and as a reward, a special party at Big Oak Canyon just for them.

Class Reward Levels

With this fundraiser, everyone will win – but it will take each family’s efforts to make it a success. There are three reward levels based on sales. For each class that meets the minimum sales level, they will be invited to a 3 hour party at Big Oak Canyon with their classmates, siblings and parents. Parents, please share these goals with your child and discuss what would be reasonable for your family. Students will be discussing this in class.

Reward Level 1

Class Party at Big Oak Canyon
Join your classmates to celebrate at Big Oak Canyon. Family members may also join in on the fun or drop off. The class gets to vote on which area to hold the celebration. Will it be at the Creek? The Garden? Or the Heart?

 75+ bags of granola sold per class = 5 or more bags per student

Reward Level 2

Archery Party at Big Oak Canyon
Instructors will create an archery zone and have a day of shooting bows and arrows at targets. The whole class and all immediate family members are invited.

125+ bags of granola sold per class = 8 or more bags per student

Reward Level 3

Archery Party at Big Oak Canyon PLUS T-Shirt
Instructors will create an archery zone and have a day of shooting bows and arrows at targets

AND every student will get a new Earthroots T-Shirt
150+ bags of granola sold per class = 10 or more bags per student

Big Oak Canyon

How to Sell Granola

Students and their families have the opportunity to sell to family members, friends, parents or guardian’s co-workers, neighbors, and people within their community.

Each bag of granola is $10.
100% of proceeds go directly to Earthroots Field School. 

Students can begin announcing the Granola Fundraiser to family and friends at any time. On or after March 27, granola will be available to pick up from Earthroots. Your child’s Earthroots instructor will announce details.

After picking up the granola from Earthroots, students may begin selling. Students may accept cash or checks in person, and may direct online inquiries to our website where purchasers will have a space to write in the student name and class that their sales is contributing towards. If you have a Venmo account and would like to use that for ease, please track the Venmo sales on your tracking envelope and indicate “Venmo”.

The tracking envelope will be used to write the purchaser’s name, how many bags of granola they purchased, and how much money was collected. It is the student and parents responsibility to track the money, keep it safe, and give all payments to Earthroots by April 30. We ask that parents consolidate all sales into one check made out to Earthroots Field School.

About the Granola

granola and bowl of fruit

For this fundraiser, we are selling Coconut Almond Granola. It was produced in a commercial kitchen and donated to Earthroots. Here is some information from the package:

Coconut Almond Granola

All organic ingredients to fuel your journey!

hand made * small batch * gluten free

9 oz bags


Organic Gluten-Free Oats, Organic Coconut Flakes, Organic

Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Maple Syrup,

California Almonds, Organic Maca Root, Peruvian Pink Salt,

Organic Vanilla Extract

It has been taste tested and approved by Earthroots staff and their families. We love it.

granola nutrition label

Parent/Guardian Responsibility Form

Prior to picking up granola and participating in the fundraiser, students and parents must complete and sign this agreement.

Please complete the Parent/Guardian Responsibility Form Here.

Ready to Sell?

Share the link below with family, friends and co-workers so that they can purchase the granola online. This link will be live from March 27 – April 30, 2023.

Donate to Earthroots Field School

Any amount donated over the price paid for granola qualifies as a tax deduction. If you feel inspired to contribute more, we invite you to donate here.