Jaskrit Bhalla

Assistant Instructor/Social Media Manager

Jaskrit Bhalla is a native of Orange County, and currently lives in Newport Beach. Her family moved here from India when she was a baby. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, making herbal medicine, playing with her three dogs, hiking, and absolutely anything where she can be outdoors!

Jaskrit has always had a strong connection with nature, and enjoyed being outdoors and camping as a child. When she grew into adulthood, she began to realize how deeply healing nature can be. She has worked in organic farming, outdoor education, has studied permaculture, and completed a six month long field botany apprenticeship. She is now a student of herbal medicine, and is also currently participating in a California Naturalist training program.

Jaskrit loves how Earthroots emphasizes community, and building a respectful relationship with the land. “Each program is intentionally crafted, and helps bridge the gap between humans of all ages and the natural world.”