On Saturday, January 8th, friends of Earthroots Field School gathered at Big Oak Canyon in Silverado, CA to participate in a Land Connection and Blessing. The ceremony was led by Adelia Sandoval, Spiritual Overseer for the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians/Acjachemen Nation.

This was an unforgettable journey, a guided experience led by a master storyteller, and we’re delighted to share it with you!

What is a Land Connection and Blessing?

A land blessing is a relationship that is created between the Earth and a human being. Out of that relationship comes this beautiful energy that we can call a blessing. Is the Earth blessing? Is the human blessing? Or is it both combining and becoming one that creates the blessing? It’s a mystery. There is no one answer to what a land blessing is. But something happens during that time and place where all becomes one.

A land blessing is an opportunity to reconnect with the land. It’s a moment that you take to show your respect for the land, your interconnectedness with all living creatures, and your appreciation for the bounty of nature. It’s something you do for yourself, those you care about, and the generations to come.

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

Thank you for creating such a meaningful, healing, and important event today.  My life has been greatly enhanced by the experience. ~Michelle

The experience was something I could not have anticipated, and better than I could have ever imagined. ~ Debbie

Experience this for yourself… Watch the video!

How to Participate

  • Watch the video.
  • Download the guidelines on how you can create your own land connection and blessing.
  • Create your own connection event—whether it’s in a local park, the beach, your back yard or front patio. 
  • Inspire others to do the same by sharing info about your event with us here.
  • Share the link to this page with friends, family, and your community.

Digital Map

Once we receive stories and information about your event, a pin will be placed in our digital map showing that a land connection and blessing took place in your community. Share our vision of seeing the pins cover the map from coast to coast!

About Adelia Sandoval

Adelia Sandoval is uniquely gifted and everyone in attendance at the land blessing was grateful for her creating this joyful journey for us to experience. She is a master storyteller, has a deep connection to the Earth, and is the Spiritual Overseer for the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians/Acjachemen Nation. The Acjachemen people are the indigenous people of Orange County in Southern California with a connection to the land at Big Oak Canyon. In addition to storytelling, Adelia shares her Acjachemen culture through art, writing, and singing. She is a Ceremonial Leader, Song Keeper, Wisdom Holder, Tribal Teacher, and Healer. 

Learn more about Adelia here.

If you’d like to support Earthroots Field School in this and other activities, we will do our best to make the return on your investment meaningful and substantial for the Earth and people everywhere.