Land Detective Camp: kids playing in creek

Embark on an exciting adventure in the Land Detective Nature Observation Camp! In this observation and awareness camp, children learn slow down and take notice of the happenings throughout Big Oak Canyon. This program is designed to promote individual learning as well as teamwork. Participants will use their senses, the elements, 4 directions and more to make predictions and note environmental landmarks, plants, and tracks. Campers will also construct survival tools to aid inquiries and discoveries! Campers will develop mapping skills, enhance their powers of observation, and learn how to look for clues in the environment.

Camp Details

WHO: Ages 6-12
WHEN: Tuesday and Wednesday June 27th & 28th | 9 am – 2 pm
WHERE: Big Oak Canyon | Silverado Canyon, CA
PRICE: $160 (2-day camp)

*Note: This is a drop off class

Scholarships Available

Earthroots is committed to creating nature connection opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) participants and families in need. 


Throughout her life, Raz has been a girl scout, Marine and an advocate/fundraiser for outdoor/natural causes. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher/Intuitive, Certified Massage Therapist, and avid tree hugger! Some call her MacGyver, because she will always find a way to make things work!

Raz lived in California, for the first time, as a young person, where she found out how wonderful the outdoors could be. Her family frequently visited many natural places, including Sequoia every six months, local beaches and road trips into the once vast open space of Orange County. She always loved to learn on nature walks, play outside and especially climb trees/ walls of her Tustin neighborhood.


Macy Pilkington is a southern California native who grew up in the shadow of Saddleback Mountain. As soon as she could drive, the canyons became her sanctuary. Her search for nature led her to spend countless nights under the stars in Holy Jim Canyon, hiking the trails around Blackstar, and admiring the rural charm of Modjeska and Silverado canyons.

Deepening her skills in youth education, outreach, and empowerment on a permaculture farm in Hawaii, Macy had the opportunity to become focused on her personal objective of finding new and inventive ways to help steward our beautiful planet. At Earthroots Macy is excited to use her experience and love of nature to inspire families to relax into the world around them, to deepen their skills of observation, and to never stop asking questions.