Heidi Sterling

Assistant Instructor

Heidi’s childhood was marked by extensive travels to the mountains and canyons of southwest Utah and the Central Sierras. Her love for camping and exploring the outdoors, whether through kayaking, fishing, or hiking, was evident from a young age. Her journey into volunteer coaching for AYSO and Special Olympics was inspired by her older brother, who had special needs. This experience eventually led her to a role as a nonprofit director, where she organized overnight camps for young adults in Shaver Lake, California.

During her time at the University of San Diego, Heidi pursued a year-long Pilates apprenticeship, and upon graduation, she realized her dream of opening her own Pilates studio in downtown Dana Point.

Now a mother of four, Heidi is dedicated to instilling a love for nature in her children. She delights in introducing them to the same natural wonders she explored during her own childhood adventures. Besides her passion for the outdoors, Heidi enjoys yoga, Pilates, celebrating the changing seasons, indulging in children’s books, and cherishing quality time in nature with her family above all else.