Jodi Levine

Founder | Executive Director

Jodi is passionate about sharing the earth’s gifts with children, knowing that they will inherit it all. Her hope is that we will protect these gifts along with the knowledge to make them worthwhile for generations to come. She is devoted to these values and enjoys living them. Jodi has been living and teaching experientially-based environmental education professionally since 1999. Her teaching style incorporates outdoor, hands-on activities that awaken a sense of connection and stewardship between children and the natural world. Her community-building skills create the feeling of a small village within Earthroots programs.

As an Orange County native, she cherishes her roots here and having traveled the world and learned from cultures outside of our own, she sees where we can improve upon our relationship with the land and each other. Jodi is passionate about seeking education for herself on progressive energy alternatives, ways to replenish the soil with water, ways to build tightly woven interdependent webs of community, and ensuring our children are accepted for who they are and are treated with respect. Jodi enjoys spending time in nature with her young children.