Lili Zandpour

Lead Instructor
Forest Kindergarten

Lili has a B.A. degree in Communications from UC San Diego and her J.D. from NYU School of Law. Her path has taken many twists and turns. Lili was born in Iran and immigrated to southern California when she was nine. In 2010, she took a leap of faith by leaving her initial career as a lawyer in New York City and moving with her husband to a wilderness area in South Africa where she discovered many gifts – most important being the healing power of nature when anchored in a strong community. She spent 2 years in South Africa during which she completed a permaculture design course, started a nature-based after-school program at a rural primary school, worked on a regenerative land-use project with rural farmers, cared for an abandoned mongoose, and made life-long friendships. In 2013 she became a mom to a little boy named Kaiaan, her greatest teacher of all, and moved back to southern California. Her passion for children, the natural world and building relationships and community have steered her to Earthroots where she has been working since 2015.