Raz Allen

Seasonal Instructor

Throughout her life, Raz has been a girl scout, Marine and an advocate/fundraiser for outdoor/natural causes. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher/Intuitive, Certified Massage Therapist, and avid tree hugger! Some call her MacGyver, because she will always find a way to make things work!

Raz lived in California, for the first time, as a young person, where she found out how wonderful the outdoors could be. Her family frequently visited many natural places, including Sequoia every six months, local beaches and road trips into the once vast open space of Orange County. She always loved to learn on nature walks, play outside and especially climb trees/ walls of her Tustin neighborhood.

She hails from Indiana where she lived on a 14-acre farm. Raising farm animals, participating in 4H, tending the family garden and working at the local blueberry patch were all a huge part of her teenage life. Raz has traveled/lived in many places including, Okinawa Japan, Long Island New York and various places in the South, all of these places fostered her continuous love for nature in their own unique way. After the Marine Corps, Raz migrated from her last duty station in the wonderful place of nature meets city, San Francisco, down to Orange County once again. Falling in Love with Earthroots when her then 8 year old joined a wilderness survival class, she has been involved with Earthroots ever since. Starting first as a class participant, to volunteer and now as a staff member. She is truly excited to share this great connection with nature and the traditions of the local Native peoples that were the first stewards and wisdom of Orange County.