Shane Brown

Big Oak Canyon Caretaker | Instructor

Shane is the caretaker of Earthroots’ Big Oak Canyon property. He also teaches Astronomy Night, Bird Language, and several other classes and workshops. Shane is always there to lend a helping hand with Earthroots classes, Volunteer Days and other events at Big Oak Canyon. He has a calm and humble personality and loves a good story. He started volunteering with Earthroots when he was a teenager in 2011. He is dedicated to learning and sharing the skills that it takes to be a human living in deep connection to other living things.

His passion for nature has led him to on many exciting journeys, including:

  • attending Teaching Drum Outdoor School
  • studying wildlife biology at Humboldt State University
  • working on various wildlife management and research projects for agencies and universities
  • learning regenerative farming and land stewardship practices while living at the Oak Granary in Mendocino County
  • working on prescribed fires with The Nature Conservancy and Forest Service
  • becoming skilled in tracking, music, wild foods, animal processing, fiber arts, and other ancestral arts
  • teaching hundreds of kids through Earthroots summer camps and nature connection programs

Shane is a kind and generous soul, and works very hard to keep Earthroots and Big Oak Canyon vibrant and prosperous so future generations can utilize and enjoy it.