Toccara Best

Operations Manager

Toccara was born and raised on Florida’s Space Coast fueling a passion for all things nature and space. She spent much of her youth exploring the great outdoors in the southeastern US. The roots of these interests grew deeper through classes in high school and college including Environmental Science and Astronomy.

Her love for the earth and beyond turned into a passion for travel. Following close to decade working as a high school counselor, Toccara and her husband, a Science Fiction Writer, sold the majority of their possessions and took off to see the world! During their 4 years of full-time travel, they experienced many different cultures in countries throughout Europe, Southwest Asia, and a large portion of the US. Additionally during their travels, they welcomed their son. Now settled in Orange County, Toccara, along with her husband and son, spend their days exploring the beauty of California – visiting beaches, exploring tidepools, boating, hiking, and going on road trips. She brings  her love of nature, her passion for education, and her exceptional organizational skills to the Earthroots team.