Valerie Crozier

Office Assistant

Originally from Colorado, Valerie enjoys living in beautiful Orange County, CA for the spectacular weather and access to the outdoors year-round. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband, two children, and their two goldendoodles. She has a deep respect for the earth and our environment, and aims to teach our children and community how to live in harmony with nature. She spends many hours losing herself in her garden and sharing the bounty each new season brings. She spent a lot of time as a child outdoors hiking, camping and exploring. Her parents and grandparents taught her how to grow food from an early age – some of her fondest memories as a child are in their home garden or the strawberry patch and peach trees at her grandparents’ home. What she appreciates most about Earthroots is how we provide children the opportunity to connect with nature and the natural world.

“As our lives become more digitally connected, it becomes more important to learn how to unplug and get back to our roots.”