If you could make this happen for a child, would you?

You can.

Kids in Crisis

Despite the television commercials promising sun and fun, far too many children in Orange County, California experience high rates of depression and mental health issues.

COVID-19 created a perfect storm of disconnection and social isolation resulting in dramatic increases in anxiety, depression, anti-social behavior, and mental health-related emergency room visits.

These effects are disproportionately high in communities of color and low-income communities. Kids are in crisis, but together we can help.

Earthroots Field School offers a helping hand to kids of all ages needing time in nature, kids who are experiencing what is known as Nature Deficit Disorder. With your help we can do much more.

The fact is spending time outdoors is so essential to our quality of life that inmates in maximum security prisons in the US are guaranteed 2 hours of time outdoors each day. However, recent surveys tell us that 50% of children in the US spend less than 1 hour outside each day, instead spending 3 hours in front of computer screens or watching TV.

Kids who spend time in nature experience numerous life-changing benefits, in both the long and short-term, including:

• Bolstered resilience against stress
• Improved mood
• Decreased anxiety
• Increased confidence
• Greater mindfulness skills
• Decreased anger
• Reduced ADHD symptoms
• Boosted confidence
• Improved self-regulation skills
• Increased levels of kindness

The benefits are even more pronounced in children from marginalized communities.

You can get kids outside, having fun, and put them on the path to positive mental health this summer and through the 2022/2023 school year.

Earthroots Field School is asking you to contribute to our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and Needs-Based scholarship funds so that kids who need to spend time in nature, but otherwise won’t get to, can have the opportunity.

Your donation will make it possible for children between the ages of 3-14 to spend time with trained, caring instructors in any of our summer camps, special classes, or year-long educational programs.

Reaching our goal of $56,985 will allow 55 kids to receive either BIPOC or Needs-Based scholarships in 11 Earthroots programs extending through 2023.

Thank you for helping kids who are struggling to see the light! Your donation will dramatically change their lives today and give them the opportunity to be healthy adults tomorrow.