The following blogs feature fun DIY projects and nature discoveries to share with your family and friends.

Please share your DIY projects and nature discoveries with Earthroots! We would love to share your creations with our community on social media. Please email pictures and videos to [email protected]. Thank you!

Spring Activities in Nature – Learn how to grow your own grass for a spring basket and how to build your own birds nest.
Written by Kathleen Cobb, Earthroots Instructor

Acorn Pancakes – Make your own acorn pancakes with this easy DIY recipe!
Written by Jodi Levine-Wright, Earthroots founder and Executive Director

Cooking with Acorns – Learn the in’s and out’s of how to cook and ethically harvest acorns.
Written by Jodi Levine-Wright

Tracking and Wilderness Awareness – Learn how to track wildlife clues in the wilderness with your family.
Written by Jeannie Lee, Waldorf school teacher

Wonders of the Land – Learn more about the local fauna and flora.
Written by Evan Brown, nature mentor and former Earthroots instructor

Birds of Big Oak Canyon – Take a look at what types of birds are seen at Big Oak Canyon.
Written by Jodi Levine-Wright

Pine Needle Tea Party – Make pine needle tea with this DIY tea party idea!
Written by Nikki Hieb, former Earthroots Instructor

Shane’s Corner Blog – If you’re a nature fan and love learning more about the local flora and fauna, then Shane’s Corner is the blog for you and your family! This blog series includes highlights from the onsite organic garden, wildlands, craft projects he’s working on and includes a trivia portion to test your knowledge of the local ecology.
Written by Shane Brown, caretaker at Big Oak Canyon