nature is for everyone

We created the Nature is for Everyone campaign to raise funds supporting nature connection education in historically excluded communities. 

In 2022, we granted opportunities to over 70 students through our BIPOC Scholarship and Title I School Ecoliteracy Programs. Our goal is to reach 300 students in 2023. 

We acquire funding for the Nature is for Everyone campaign through individual donations, grants, and merchandise sales. 

Thank you to the following foundations for your generous support:
Foundation for Sustainability and Innovations
Francis Dewey Foundation
Western Digital

About the ArtworkNature is for Everyone artwork was created by MegHandler, an artist and illustrator living in Ventura, California. Meg is the founder of The Human Nature Center, which uses the arts as tools for teaching Ecology.

Meg on the design for “Nature is Everyone”:
“After talking with Jodi about the concept for the t-shirt, I went into my daughter’s room to read her a story. In one of her books, there was a parade of tiny plant people, each holding the flower or leaf that belonged to their species. Right then, I saw the t-shirt design in my mind’s eye. Bringing the people to a tiny scale in relation to the leaves and other animals strengthened the idea of all humans as diverse parts of nature, not as superior to any other species or to each other. I also liked the idea that came forth that each different person has their own connection to Nature – a love of particular plants, animals, or places – that is unique just like they are. Together they all create a beautiful ecosystem.“

You can see more of her artwork on Instagram @handlermade.