In the past few weeks, Earthroots has taken time to listen, observe and learn how we can transform our organization to be more in alignment with our core values of “connecting with ourselves, each other and nature”. We have come to recognize that our organizational biases have been stifling our attempts to engage with a more culturally diverse community (“each other”). Today I would like to share our action plan to become a more diverse organization helping to promote racial justice, diversity, and equity.

Earthroots is committed to supporting people from all backgrounds and abilities to connect with nature. We believe that Black Lives Matter and that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), disabled individuals, and LBGTQ+ people are underrepresented in the outdoors and that Earthroots can help change that. 

Although Earthroots has taken steps to support families participating in programs through our scholarship program who may be BIPOC, LBGTQ+, disabled, children of single parents etc…we realize now that Earthroots has blind spots around racial justice, inclusion, and equity within the organization and in our outreach and marketing. We are listening, learning and taking steps to be better! 

We have begun the work of looking inward and engaging in conversations as a board and staff to create action steps and processes to bring more racial equity to our inner and outer organizational workings. Through thoughtful reflection and authentic process, we are creating a long term plan to be better. 

In 2020, we will create an Equity Council and begin working with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant.  We will do an equity audit of the organizations’ internal and external frameworks, including hiring processes, human resources, leadership, organizational structure, support for BIPOC staff and community members, best practices for student and adult programs, our scholarship program, course content, accessibility, and more. We are committed to making the necessary changes in our organization to erase our organizational biases and blind spots. 


We welcome your feedback and guidance and invite the Earthroots community to participate in this process. We are stronger together!
In recognition of today’s holiday, Juneteenth, please check out these learning resources and groups doing good things to continue improving racial justice:

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In Solidarity,
Jodi Levine-Wright
Executive Director

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