Are you interested in leading nature-based programs? Earthroots is offering a mentorship program to train people in nature-based mentoring and the background knowledge used in nature connection programs.

Instructors include Shane Brown, Jodi Levine-Wright and more.

Participants ages 16 and up who are interested in nature connection, gardening, ancestral arts, and want to lead nature-based programs are

Requirements to complete internship

-attend training days listed below
-obtain First Aid/CPR certification-read The Coyote’s Guide
-attend 3-5 Earthroots weekly program sessions (as a group?), help lead safety talk, game, and activity
-demonstrate basic knowledge of natural history and gardening
-demonstrate an understanding of core nature connection routines and coyote mentoring
-demonstrate the ability to be safe and manage a group in a wilderness setting
-write a post for the website at the end of the internship 


January 11-12  10am-3pm
Orientation, the big picture, coyote mentoring, 8 shields
January 26  9am-3pm  
child behavior, health, and safety 
February 23  9am-3pm  
March 15  9am-3pm  
March 29  9am-3pm  
songs, games, and storytelling 
April 18  9am-3pm  
bird language 
May 16  9am-3pm  
May 29-30  10am-3pm
(camp)  wild plants and animals, journaling
June 15 – July 17  
Summer camps (optional work opportunity for participants)
Aug 22-23   10am-3pm
(camp) diversity and inclusion, culture
September 13  9am-3pm  
September 27  9am-3pm  
October 11  9am-3pm  
knives and woodcrafts
October 25  9am-3pm  
acorns and cooking
November 8  9am-3pm  
wild tending
November 29  9am-3pm  
communication with staff and parents, community building
December 12-13 10am-3pm
(camp)  reflections, evaluation, graduation 
* discount for Ancestral Arts workshops


Please email one Medical and Release Form per person to [email protected] Submit payment via Paypal to [email protected]