Kinship Calendar Poster


Full color print on 16” x 20” high quality poster paper*
*10 mil FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified and PVC free paper

With every purchase of a printed Kinship Calendar you will also receive a FREE Create Your Own Kinship Calendar Starter Pack ($10 value). The Create Your Own Kinship Calendar Starter Pack is a download that will be emailed to you after purchase. It includes two templates (color and grayscale) and step by step instructions. See below for instructions on how to get yours!

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This Kinship Calendar was designed to guide people to live in relationship with the living and nonliving beings (kin) that share the local environment of Coastal Southern California. These are the ancestral lands of the Juañeno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation and neighboring Tongva/Gabrieleño and Payómkawichum/Luiseño tribes in the area known as Orange County. This unique calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, tracks seasonal rhythms, constellations, plant and animal observations, harvest and planting times for food and craft materials, animal migration patterns, and more.Each moon time on the calendar (new moon to new moon) is named after something observed locally during that time. The seasonal notes for each moontime can be used to orient oneself to the time of year.

Inspiration for the calendar grew from the Indigenous perspective that the natural world is not a resource, but rather a deeply respected relative who cares for us, and whom we care for in return. The observations noted are approximate and vary by location and year.

Calendar created by Shane Brown and Karen Graham

Original Artwork by Lindsay Hansen
Layout and graphic design adjustments by Kristi Day


Dripping Oaks Moon: A year contains between 12-13 moon cycles. Most years the calendar will have 12 moons. 7 out of 19, or every 2-3 years, a leap moon is added to account for the difference between solar and lunar cycles.

Safety: This is not a guide on how to harvest safely. Make sure you understand the impact, potential dangers and risks of wild harvesting and take all necessary precautions before harvesting plants.

Shipping note:
The Kinship Calendar will be shipped in a rolled mailing tube.
For international shipping, contact [email protected].

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