Hiring Announcement: Program Director 

Earthroots is a non-profit 501(c)3 education organization dedicated to cultivating a sense of care and  connection between people and the natural world. Earthroots inspires life-long dedication to  environmental stewardship & community through deep nature connection mentoring. 

In our creative learning environments, Earthroots participants gain a better understanding of how all of  life is connected. They experience how our actions influence the world around us. With this  understanding, we hope that individuals then make choices in their daily lives to improve the health of  the earth, themselves and each other. 

The Program Director is responsible for the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation  of programs presented at Earthroots Field School. The Program Director will enhance the current  Earthroots staff with a strong appropriate skill set, clear communication, solution-oriented mindset and  flexibility. The goal of the Program Director is to ensure every program is completed successfully to add  the highest possible value to the organization and program participants. This role requires a deep  knowledge of program management principles, strategic thinking and strong leadership qualities. 

Earthroots is an equal opportunity employer and encourages BIPOC candidates, people identifying as  LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and people with working class backgrounds to apply. 


  • Job Opening Announced March 2021 
  • Interviewing through April 2021 
  • Selection by May 1, 2021 
  • This is a part time position, approximately 15-20 hours per week 
  • Program Director reports directly to the Executive Director 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

Curriculum: Manage curriculum and course development for online and membership based programs. Includes writing, editing, and creating new courses.  

approximately 3 hours per week 

Marketing: Create language, review and edit program-related marketing material for  field trips, in person classes and online programs. Collaborate with Earthroots staff to  get marketing materials to diverse groups. 

approximately 2 hours per week 

Mentoring: Mentor & train instructors 

approximately 2 hours per week 

Instructing: Fill in as a substitute instructor for online programs  

as needed, up to 8 hours per week

Coordinating: Coordinate with Earthroots team to support the ongoing programmatic needs of Earthroots Field School including: 

  • Work with Executive Director (Jodi Levine-Wright) to ensure program,  organizational and financial goals are being met. 
  • Work with Operations Manager (Staci Hansen) to understand and implement  organizational policies, protocols, schedules, and general operations. 
  • Coordinate with Social Media Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer to ensure consistent messaging across all platforms. Schedule, design and manage  the production of print and digital marketing materials for Earthroots programs.
  • Work with our Curriculum Development team (Karen Graham and Jodi Levine Wright) to review, edit and present curriculum according to timelines and  budgets. 
  • Work with Caretaker at Big Oak Canyon (Shane Brown) related to materials  preparation and production related to programs. 
  • Communicate with outside vendors as needed related to online, in person and  membership programs. 

approximately 5 hours per week 


  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently, as well as demonstrate  flexibility.  
  • Experience in permaculture, ecology and survival skills or willingness to attend trainings. – Ability to make independent decisions and respond to immediate needs of staff,  students, emergency situations, and program needs.  
  • Regular, reliable and punctual attendance is essential. 
  • Ability to give and receive feedback in a positive manner with supervisors, teachers,  parents and students.  
  • Fingerprinting for a background check will be required.  
  • Computer experience or willingness to learn is required (Macintosh, Microsoft Office,  Google Drive).  
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.  
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.  
  • Understand and apply pertinent personnel policies, laws, rules, and regulations.  – At least 2 years of experience working in a leadership position at a similar organization  or educational institution. 
  • Background in thematic, hands-on programs.  
  • Demonstrate an understanding, patient, and receptive attitude toward peers, adults and  students of varied age groups, abilities and backgrounds.  
  • Current CPR and First Aid Certificates are required within 1 month of employment.


$18-25/hour, negotiable To apply, send resume to [email protected]

Click the link below for a printable version of the job description.