Recommended for Kindergarten-Grade 2

Use and expand all of your senses as fully as you can to deepen your connection to nature. Widen your Owl Eyes and hear far off sounds with your Deer Ears. Smell the scent carried on the breeze, taste safe-to-eat wild edibles, and feel the direction of the sun. Participate in hands-on activities that focus on expanding your senses such as sound mapping, sensory walk, bird language, and predator/prey games.

Choose one of the following hands-on activities:

  • Acorn Experience: crack, grind, wash, and taste acorns from the land.
  • Creek Walk: balance on rocks and logs, splash in the water, and craft a mini boat out of sticks to float down the creek.
  • Elderberry Beads: Push out the soft center of dried elderberry branches to make beads for stringing. 
  • Get to know plants: Make leaf rubbings, touch living stems, compare textures of bark, and play plant ID games to get to know local plants. 
  • Tea Tasting: Make and taste tea made from seasonally available plants on the land. May include elderberry, sourgrass, nettle, dandelion, toyon, or black sage tea.
sensory awareness tea

Field Trip Details

Length of Trip: 3-5 hours (3 hour minimum)
Maximum field trip size: 60 participants (i.e. 2 classes)

Location: Most field trips will meet at Big Oak Canyon, our 39-acre property in Silverado Canyon. We are also available to meet at Orange County based wilderness parks, regional parks, or beaches. If you are interested in Earthroots instructors coming to your school or group gathering, we encourage you to check out our Earthroots Comes to You experiences. Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you at Big Oak Canyon where you’ll step into a land of mature oak woodlands, a seasonal flowing creek, sagebrush hillsides, an orchard, and gardens. Our property connects to the Cleveland National Forest, with trails extending into steep hillsides with sweeping canyon views.

Field Trip Fees

(7 person, 3-hour minimum | 60 student maximum)

$15 per student per hour, for groups of 7-15 

$12 per student per hour, for groups of 16-30

$10 per student per hour, for groups of 31-60

Don’t see your group size listed here?

Indicate how many students you would like to bring for a field trip on the field trip request form. We will do our best to accommodate your group size.

There is no fee for chaperones (teachers and parents) within the recommended ratio*, as long as attending chaperones are fully engaged participants. 

*Recommended chaperone to student ratio is no more than 1:10. Additional chaperones will pay a $20 flat-rate fee per additional chaperone above the recommended ratio.

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