User Agreement

Earthroots User Agreement

User Agreement  
Big Oak Canyon

  1. Big Oak Canyon is private property. All access, events, trail camera placement, filming and tours must be scheduled in advance, no exceptions. Contact our office for details [email protected].
  2. One Participation Waiver form needs to be completed, signed and returned by each person entering Earthroots property.
  3. Although our Caretaker will be onsite most of the time, you are fully responsible for yourself and your crew. Supervision of your crew will be your responsibility at all times.
  4. There are inherent dangers to be aware of including but not limited to poison oak, ticks, bees, poisonous snakes, mountain lions, non-potable water, and steep slopes. By entering Earthroots property the undersigned assumes full responsibility to care for themselves and guests appropriately.
  5. Due to high wildfire danger in this area, there are NO fires, NO candles, NO smoking allowed and no use of any flammable materials at any time by any person on site. No toxic chemicals are allowed on site. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion from the property with no refund.
  6. All vehicles must park on asphalt helicopter pad only, rear in first. Please leave all gates/fences as they are, either opened or closed. There is to be no cutting or damaging of plants, no digging in soil without permission by Earthroots Director or Caretaker.
  7. Leave all fences as they are, either opened or closed.
  8. There is to be no cutting, harvesting or damaging of plants, no approaching wildlife and no digging in soil without permission by Earthroots Director.
  9. In case of emergency, call 911 and evacuate immediately.
  10. There is minimal cell service on site. If you need to access WIFI, please let us know.
  11. There is NO potable water on site. All water is for washing only.
  12. There are no trash/recycling services onsite. Please take all of your trash with you when you leave. Pack it in, pack it out. Our onsite kitchen area will remain off limits.  Please do not enter this area. Bring your own shade structure if desired. We do not provide shade, except for shade created by trees.
  13. Earthroots is not responsible for equipment or other items left onsite.
  14. Big Oak Canyon hours of operation are 8:00am - sundown. Special permission is necessary if additional hours are requested. All filming activities must conclude prior to 10:00pm and no one may remain on site after 10:00pm.
  15. Amplified music, honking horns or other loud sounds that may illicit concern from the neighbors are not allowed.
  16. Firearms are not permitted on site.
  17. To conserve and protect this unique habitat and educational site, the location of images recorded will be kept private. You may acknowledge the site as “Silverado Canyon” or “Santa Ana Mountains”.
  18. Any images of people outside of your group inadvertently recorded on cameras will be deleted immediately and not used for any purpose.
  19. Note that Big Oak Canyon has uneven terrain. Use caution at all times. Use the rope swing at your own risk. Note that we are not able to sanitize the swing.
  20. Everything you touch at Big Oak Canyon is at your own risk, including the bathrooms and nearby sink.  We cannot guarantee that items have been sanitized. Please sanitize when you arrive and again when you leave, leaving it clean for the next individuals. All visitors need to adhere to state guidelines for Covid-19.
  21. This agreement is complete. All changes to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. This agreement supersedes all prior negotiations, understanding, representations and agreements. If any part of this agreement is invalid, all other parts remain in force.
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