As the hustle and bustle from the holidays settle down, I like to observe the beautiful winter colors of January. This is my favorite time to get out into the natural jewels of Orange County. It’s not too hot and if I’m lucky, I can pull out and actually wear, some of my sweaters. 

Whether in a forest, meadow, canyon or at the ocean, I love the way the landscape looks at this time of year.

Most people visit the ocean in warmer seasons, but at Capistrano Beach, I love the way the wind blows and the wintery water is pushed into millions of mini, wavy, shimmery peaks. 

The sun too is spectacular, now that it is muted. Its golden rays illuminate the sycamores of Caspers Wilderness Park.

How it filters down onto the ground at Big Oak Canyon or backlights the stormy gray and orange clouds of Doheny Harbor.

I encourage everyone to get out and look through winter’s eyes at our hidden treasures in Orange County.

Blog Written by

Raz Allen

Raz is the assistant instructor for Homeschool Field Class and Eco-Literacy. Falling in Love with Earthroots when her then 8 year old joined a wilderness survival class, she has been involved with Earthroots ever since. Starting first as a class participant, to volunteer and now as a staff member. She is truly excited to share this great connection with nature and the traditions of the local Native peoples that were the first stewards and wisdom of Orange County.

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